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A bit of history

I still remember the moment we found out we were having kids. “What about our vacations?” was one of the first thoughts that flashed through my mind. Along with pure joy, elation, uncertainty, shock, a million other thoughts ran through my mind that moment, but for whatever reason, this was the only concern I chose to vocalize to my wife. She smiled, “I guess they’ll just have to get used to it. They have no choice, they’ll come with us!”

My wife and I had been bit by the travel bug early in our relationship and had been all over the US, to Europe a few times, and several provinces in Canada. So instead of taking our first trip with our newborn daughter to someplace close to DC, like the beach, or New York City, we decided to head to British Columbia for a few days, then do a tour of the national parks in Washington State while visiting family. Some may have thought we were crazy for leaving the country with our 8-month old daughter. But she handled it like a champ, winning accolades from our surrounding seatmates as we were deboarding the plane. We couldn’t believe it. We had a natural born traveller in our midst.

Fast forward to the present, and both of our daughters are seasoned travelers. Their passports have more visas in the first years of their lives than ours had in our first 30. They have grown into an integral part of our travel planning, researching lodging options, things to do, places to visit, and of course, what cars to rent… “Dad, can we convertible or a jeep?” No. “Mom, can we get a convertible or jeep?” What did your dad say? “I don’t know.”——->